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Chestermere’s family gym and play center enables families to be Fit Together

As parents of young children we know that every parent’s most limiting factor is TIME! With all of the demands of everyday life, working out ended up having to take a back seat for us too. We heard the same stories from almost all parents, and we all had the same list of reasons why we don’t have time to work out. No, not excuses, but good solid reasons. Here’s some that will resonate with you:

  • We don’t want to leave the kids with a babysitter or caregiver to go to gym
  • We’re apart for the entire workday, we want to be together for rest of day as much as we can
  • Taking 3 mornings or evenings each to work out alone doesn’t leave time for anything else
  • I’d rather take the kids somewhere fun where we can all be together versus leave my family to work out alone
  • I want to role model an active lifestyle for my kids, but I just don’t have the time to fit it all in
    … and the list goes on.

Further, most parents felt guilty for not being active themselves AND for not having enough time for their kids to have active play incorporated into their everyday life. This is after all where they get to explore and build their creative mind via unstructured play.

Then we had a brainwave while we were sitting around waiting for our kids to finish playing at a play center. Why not create a play center that is designed for parents to work out while their kids play? It beats sitting around waiting for them!


THANK YOU to our wonderful boys for giving us the idea to build this brand new concept family gym and play center!

Our Mission and Passion

Enable families to be Fit Together and use their time more effectively by creating an environment for adults to work out while they watch their children play. Promote healthy lifestyles for families by exposing kids to active living at an early age.

Positive Vibes!

We LOVE enabling families!